Photo 2The Occupational Therapy Service at Galway University Hospitals has recently acquired a new rehabilitation tool known as Dynavision.  The purchase of the device was supported by a grant of €10,000 from the charity Footsteps and it is the only hospital in the West of Ireland to currently have this device.

The Dynavision D2 is designed to enhance a person’s visual-motor and cognitive reaction skills. The system trains patients in peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination and visual reactions using a series of lights and sounds. Already the OT staff at GUH have noticed  improvements in the many patients who have used the device

Commenting, Occupational Therapy Manager Pauline Burke said, “The Dynavision range are recognised as the premier visual-motor reaction training system for over 25 years. It is widely used in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke and traumatic brain injury in the USA, but from what we know, this is only the fourth Dynavision within in the Republic of Ireland and is the first to be installed in the West of Ireland.  Already patients at GUH are benefitting from its range of applications, with many patients already describing how it has helped them to improve their coordination and peripheral awareness. We are very grateful for the generous support of Footsteps in helping us acquire this important rehabilitation equipment”.

The Dynavision was officially launched in the Occupation Therapy Department GUH on the 11th of August. A presentation of the Dynavision D2 and its many benefits was presented to hospital staff by Cornlius Dhivaker and Caitriona Cosgrove, Senior Occupational therapists.

At the launch, Alicia Kelly, Occupational Therapy GUH and Ann Cosgrove, General Manager of GUH welcomed Footsteps chairperson Rosalie Parker and her colleague Charles Jackson to GUH and added that the Occupational Therapy Service look forward to many patients who will benefit from the use of the device in the future.

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Pictured at the launch of the Dynavision D2 system at Occupational Therapy GUH are:
Cornelius Dhivakar, Occupational Therapy UHG, Caitriona Cosgrove, Occupational Therapy UHG, Charles Jackson, Footsteps Committee Member, Rosalie Parker, Chairperson of Footsteps, Ann Cosgrove, General Manager Galway University Hosptials and Alisha Kelly, Occupational Therapy UHG.